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Wasted energy flows down the drain every day in the form of warm waste water.

So, we made it our mission to come up with a solution.

The solution is EcoDrain™: a family of easy-to-install, next-generation heat exchangers that capture the energy from your shower’s hot water.  

Turns out it's one of the simplest, most cost effective home improvements you can make.

3 reasons to use it

A Hot Shower Never Felt Better

Because you’ll be:

  1. 1

    Saving Money

    Assumes 3 - 10 minute showers per day. Savings can be higher or lower depending on specific conditions.

  2. 2

    Reducing Your Annual Carbon Footprint by the Equivalent of

  3. 3

    Taking Longer Showers

    A hot shower never felt better so… on occasion you may choose to indulge.

    And why not? With the increased efficiency every shower you take can be 33% longer without increasing your carbon footprint or the amount you spend on electricity.

Our Proven Technology 
Maximizes Energy Recovery

What goes on inside EcoDrain™?

A lot, even though there are no moving parts and EcoDrain™ requires no electricity to operate. Inside, a specifically engineered piping configuration transfers heat energy from the hot shower water to the incoming fresh water supply.  And, a patent-pending device optimizes turbulence in the fresh water supply for maximum energy recovery.

How it works diagram
Double wall

Double-walled system

Rest assured that the hot shower water never comes in contact with the fresh water supply.  Each flows through separate pipes in a double walled system and cannot mix.

Building or Remodeling?

If you are redoing one or more bathrooms, building a new home or choosing new bathroom fixtures, it’s the ideal time to install EcoDrain™. To maximize ease of installation, we designed EcoDrain™ systems to work in several different configurations. So, even if you are not building or remodeling, a plumber or a handy do-it-yourselfer can install EcoDrain™ at any time.  

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