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Custom Home in Eastern TownshipsEcodrain being installed

The Eastern Townships are a part of south eastern Quebec near the US border. The area is known for picturesque rural lots and mixed forests. In this area, a couple decided to build a vacation home. Their country home will be 1600 square feet, with two bedrooms, and two and half bathrooms on two floors. Although the home is not technically off the grid, it is as close as it gets. There is limited electrical supply and the home will have a back-up electric generator. The homeowners had debated whether to use propane, but since the recommended generator required natural gas, they decided to power the stove and water heater with propane. Geothermal heating was also considered, but it was ruled out because the home sits on rocky terrain which would make drilling more challenging and because of the high initial cost.

The couple discovered a simpler way to harness clean energy beneath their feet by installing an ecodrain. This way, every time they or their guests take a shower, the outgoing warm water will be used to preheat cold incoming water on its way to the water heater. The unit was installed on the ground level so that the drain from the shower in the master bathroom on the second floor and the drain from the second shower on the main floor could both be connected to the ecodrain. The unit was installed by the plumber at the time of installation of the rough plumbing. It took about 25 minutes to position the ecodrain and connect it to the rest of the plumbing. The unit will be below the concrete slab, but will remain accessible through an access panel in the laundry room.

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