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Starting with the 2019 version of California's Title 24, drain water heat recovery is a compliance option for water heating in new homes in California. Under the requirements of Title 24, qualified drain water heat recovery devices must be certified and performance-rated to either the CSA or IAPMO standards for these devices. Ecodrain has seven models from its VT1000 Series that meet the certification requirements and are registered with the California Energy Commission for use in California homes. We believe that energy modelers will take a particular interest in the 3-inch diameter VT1000-3-54, which is the shortest unit in the category to achieve a rated performance of 55.0%.  Its EDR impact using California energy modeling software for homes is particularly high when used in a co-equal flow configuration and in combination with high-performance heat pump water heating. Ecodrain has established a California Support Team to help architects, builders, energy modelers, installing contractors and plumbing wholesalers better understand how to leverage drain water heat recovery in new homes.
 To learn more about the Ecodrain VT1000 in new California homes, contact Ecodrain's California Team by sending an email to [email protected].

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